Add to library 55 discussion 35. This post is about quirks and super powers so there will be mentions of death, blood, weapons and such.

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The brighter the light, the less dense the substance.

Cool Quirk Ideas Reddit. So for fans of my hero academia, get ready to learn your quirk! This quirk is heavily influenced by light. This is a simple 10 question quiz!

It is good for combat, flying, cooking and cleaning. This quirk could make the user manipulate up to two senses of the victim; If its bright, such as bright daylight, the neon emits as a relatively hot gas, essentially a light smoke.

Aka the place where i dump all my ideas about cool and intriguing quirks that pops up in my mind at 1:00 am and never leaves. This is my book for quirk ideas :d most of the inspiration behind my ideas come from other fandoms, video games, and even life! A quirk idea i have is an illusion one.

This is mostly for ocs, but you could use it for yourself. You and your twin are pizza hut and taco bell. I have an op quirk idea.

(bnha) october 29, 2020 aki. Submission mha mha quirks bnha bnha quirks boku no hero academia my hero academia quirk ideas. If you read this, make sure you check the message i left on the bottom of pages if you want!

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Feel free to use the quirks in this book, since the main reason i created this book was to help other people and provide inspiration for others. If you aren’t comfortable with that i can list just the idea in the comments! The user, can also take away atmosphere or even oxygen from the air, and could sense the changes within it.

So i was thinking about what cool quirks we could get from two characters having kids. The quirk user can effectively shoot a neon coloured substance from their palms. Ongoing, first published apr 06, 2018.

Now, i must type more words so i can publish this quiz. Anime/manga fanfiction quirk my hero academia bnha. *this is the page where i will be providing different quirk ideas.

Quirk prompts for those who wants to write characters with different quirks but can't think up of any. However, it can only be on one person at a time, the user needs to see whomever he is using it on, sustained use strains the user, and finally it requires immense concentration. (like todoroki) one idea i had was a telekinesis quirk from deku and uraraka (sounds weird but stay with me) deku's mum had the power to pull/levitate small/light objects towards her and uraraka has the power to remove the effect of gravity.

A pretty simple quirk that deals with wind manipulation. Bad quirk ideas by me. The user's quirk can uses his body water to make steam like burst, and spray scalding, concentrated steam from the pores and soles of the feet and also allows them to manipulate the steam they produce.

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Mha mha quirks bnha bnha quirks boku no hero academia my hero academia quirk ideas. The user of the quirk can move the air around anyone like liquid, make it solid, or even turn it into another element if the atoms are present. Emitter type quirks are abilities that allow the user to generate and possibly control certain things, or alter existing things around them in certain ways.

Below are the quirks themselves and a description of what they are. The user can also heat the steam using body heat turning it into super heated steam which is strong. These are quirk ideas that i randomly came up with!

This quirk grants the user the ability to create and manipulate sound, sound is like controllable loud shockwaves, but there is a thing called thermoacoustic heating and cooling which means this quirk could use fire and ice and explosions and water, and also this quirk could use light and electricity by using sound to. Causes user to have to go through the. You can cause severe eyestrain by projecting glitchcore edits into the eyes of others.

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