Now it was time to do something with the walls and get this space finished. Make sure you measure the distance between battens one batten at a time.

Modern Wall Accent Colored Board And Batten Hallway Coloredboardandbattenhallway Home Home Remodeling House

While holding the horizontal board in place, use a nail gun to attach it to the wall.

Diy Board And Batten Wall Materials. Buy materials (affiliate links provided below) okay, it’s time to build your very own diy board and batten wall! You will see this technique used commonly on the exterior of homes and recently has become popular on the interior to add architectural interest to a room. 1×4 (top board) 1×3 (batten) 1×2 (cap on top board) caulk;

But i ultimately decided to go with a simple good old board and batten. For the optional plywood boards to smooth out our wall, it cost an additional $135. We needed four 8′ lengths of each material to wrap around the room, except for the 1×3 vertical battens—we used 19 of those.

The actual width of each board is half an inch less than the name, so a 1×4 board is. Attach boards to the wall. If your walls aren’t as tall or as wide or are even larger, the number of horizontal boxes and the number of vertical boxes do not have to be the same.

You will need 1/8″ boards to cover the walls. Board and batten wall is a diy wherein you put wood or mdf or redwood or any other material and put them up on your wall in different patterns or designs. If you do it all at one time, the measurements might be off.

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1×6 primed mdf (baseboard) 1×4 primed mdf (top board) 1×3 primed mdf (battens) 1×2 primed mdf (top ledge) (optional) chair rail molding (to add a little detail) caulk, spackle, liquid nails, paint; Board and batten is usually done with a thin sheet of wood on the wall and boards, called battens, that hang vertically and cover the seams of where the wood pieces connect. The 10′ boards are the ones that we planned cut and fit in between the uncut vertical boards.

I cut my scrap boards to the width of each wall length using a miter saw. Once this was done i repeated the process on the top and bottom of this board using the 1 x 2 mdf. Materials needed for your board and batten wall:

The boards all got one coat of white paint. Gather the materials to install board and batten wall. Here are the measurements for our wall design.

You can find all different kinds of options for your trim pieces. No matter where your wall is, be it inside, outside, in the bathroom, in a bedroom, in an entryway, it does not matter. But, i wanted to try something new since we have shiplap in a few rooms in our house already.

The 10′ boards are the ones that we planned cut and fit in between the uncut vertical boards. This was the starting point for our materials for this board and batten diy project. How much does diy board and batten cost?

We already had the nails, spackle, and wood filler on hand. Based on our measurements, we were able to. I know how excited you are, because i too was extremely giddy at this moment.

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The nice thing about board and batten is that you can totally customize it. You’re ready for the store now. For example, nail your first batten up, measure 26 inches (in my case) from that batten and mark that spot for your next batten.

I threw an old sheet down in the basement and got to work. Paint of choice, (we used ultra pure white by behr for the wall and toque white by sherwin williams for the board + batten) note: Place a nail every 10 inches or so on the top and bottom of the board to ensure it is fixed to the wall properly while the glue has time to dry.

Then you will need to decide on what type of batten to attach to the boards. After marking the studs, i leveled the boards with the top at 6 feet tall and nailed them into the studs using a nail gun. I new diy board and batten wall with a few hooks would be perfect for this space and i was so excited to get to work!

Diy board and batten wall materials. Board and batten walls come in all sorts of sizes, colors, and styles. Diy board and batten accent wall materials.

1×4 primed mdf (ledge) 1×3 pine or primed mdf (batten) 1×2 primed mdf (top board) paintable caulk. This is the fun part. We went with 2/3 of the way up.

The 1×3's are used for the top horizontal boards and the 1×2's are used for the vertical boards/battens. Using a long level attach the boards using construction adhesive and brad nails. This left smaller holes that were easy to fill!

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That includes the boards, caulk, and paint. The cost of our diy board and batten wall, for a full 15 foot wall, was less than $200.

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