So i was wondering if the german tech tree may see the introduction of some of their more. Japan's late tier tanks can be argued to be even better than the leopard however it doesn't make up for the fact that the first 3 ranks are horrendus and spotty.

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War thunder german tech tree planes.

War Thunder German Tech Tree Planes. The c 202d is also really good too got an ace first game on T 34 747 (r) (germany) tam; I've been playing war thunder since 2013 and i'm still learning new things.

I hope this guide will be as useful to new players and maybe even the more experienced players will learn something from this. Tiger ii (10.5 cm kw.k) tiger ii (h) tiger ii (h) sla.16; There is no the best tech tree in this game.

These descriptions will cover the first impressions of. Italian fighters are quite agile and quick compared to the fighters of the other nations, somewhat similar to japanese fighters. The bv 238 will be available to all players in the german aviation tech tree as a premium when war thunder 1.63 is released.

Every tree offers its own unique play style and challenges. Its only at 9.3 you start to see the yak 38 which if it turns once loses all its energy just have to watch out for r60s. War thunder german tech tree planes.

The do 217, me 110 and 410, and hs 129 are the essential german ground attack aircraft. This section's purpose is to get the player adequately ready in jumping into a war thunder tank battle, starting from choosing a nation towards joining a battle. Premium aircraft · bundle & gift aircraft · squadron aircraft.

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Even they are in war thunder, they got like 6 planes in german tech tree, same could work for greek planes and tanks added to the british tech tree. However, you will not have much luck with large aircraft in this tech tree. Ground wise, germans imo with soviets at a close second.

In war thunder, the sa.313b alouette ii will be the first air vehicle in the german helicopter tech tree. The following 154 pages are in this category, out of 154 total. The other nations have spotty tech trees with very few vehicles which suffer issues.

Interceptor · air defence · jet. Even they are in war thunder, they got like 6 planes in german tech tree, same could work for greek planes and tanks added to the british tech tree. Light · dive · long range · frontline · jet.

The correct question would be which nation would be best for my play style? war thunder has a lot of depth and a steep learning curve. The workhorse fighter of the german tree is me 109 (listed as its official military designation in game as the bf 109). Its a mig 23m in the german tech tree i personaly really like the mig 23 so i think im gonna keep it.

Hello, as a main user of the german faction within the game its not hard to notice the lack of advanced planes they possess compared to the cold war era planes of the uk, usa and ussr. This light helicopter, which is mostly just a structural frame, has one turboshaft engine and no armor whatsoever. This will be a guide i will be making to help new players to master the german aircraft available in war thunder.

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Tiger ii (10.5 cm kw.k) tiger ii (h) tiger ii (h) sla.16; The gargantuan dimensions and low speed of this aircraft are compensated for by its reasonable defensive capabilities and large bomb load relative to. The sa.313b’s turboshaft engine with slightly over 400 hp can get the vehicle up to 180 km/h.

Firstly, if you have the falco, hire another crew and place the falco. German planes are great for boom and zoom tactics. Veterans of war thunder ground forces will remember that the tiger ii (10.5 cm kw.k) was the crown jewel of the german tree during the early stages of development.

Not to be confused with the russian techno tree aircraft are divided into five ranks or eras, broadly chronologically but with some adjustments to account for performance in a game context, for example the german do 217 j series heavy fighters in rank ii are derived from the do 217 e bomber in rank iii. I was hoping for tips on individual plane performance (i know the bfs and fws are energy fighters, but that's about it) and a recommended way to go about researching the tree. It has the same wepon load and engine and radar so it pretty much the same plane.

The following 154 pages are in this category, out of 154 total. Even they are in war thunder, they got like 6 planes in german tech tree, same could work for greek planes and tanks added to the british tech tree. The soviet union might be the way to go if you are looking for good starting planes in the early game.

History in late 1942, realizing that their dependence on foreign military equipment is a great weakness in wartime, the finnish government issued a set of specifications for a domestic fighter design in an effort to address this problem. That's all i could find. Interceptor · air defence · jet.

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With seven nations in the game as of update 1.85 supersonic, there are lots of starting points to choose from for the war thunder tank career.

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