Vlookup not detecting text matches problem: When vlookup formula cannot find a match, then this error displays, meaning “not available.” but it is always not correct that the lookup value is actually not available.

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In that case, excel moves through the lookup values in the table until it.

Why Is My Vlookup Not Working When There Is A Match. All of the codes are in the category lookup table, but the vlookup formula can't find them correctly. Use the =trim formula on both corresponding columns (and then remove formulas) to make sure all cells in both corresponding columns are text fields. If you don’t use an exact match (i.e.

In big data set it is very hard to identify. Even though the vlookup formula looks correct, it is returning an #n/a error in every row. All the numerics are ok.

#n/a, #value, #ref, and returning incorrect results. I need to lookup a value that contained in a cell as a part of string. Sorting the data in sheet1 by the date column (column e) by largest to smallest should do the trick.

False), then you are heading for trouble. First, when you're using vlookup for approximate matches, it's likely that the lookup value won't be in the table. Match returns the #n/a error if no match is found the argument lookup_array must be placed in descending order:

In g15, vlookup returns an error because the lookup_value is the number 1 and not 1; All or some of the cells in either of the corresponding columns aren't being recognized as a text field/cell. My data has a lookup field that is truly both numeric and text, e.g., 1, 2, 3, apple, x5, 100b.

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D2 is the value which you want to return its relative information, a2:b10 is the data range you use, the number 2 indicates the column number that your matched value is returned and the true refers to the approximate match. The little triangle in the upper right corner of the cell (those i’m trying to lookup) doesn’t show up until i click into the individual cell and press. The image below shows such a scenario.

Although humans don’t see spaces as characters, a space is a character in excel. The quantity was in column 3, but after. If a new column is inserted into the table, it could stop your vlookup from working.

So if you were looking for abc, then it would ignore 123abc456. In practice, we often forget about this and end up with vlookup not working because of the n/a error. Is there a reason why this formula does not work if the data is split between two sheets?

I have trimmed trailing spaces. And this post will show you reasons why your vlookup formula is not working in excel 2003/2010/2013/2016 or excel 365. This is one of the most common reasons behind the #na error in vlookup.

I have ssn’s stored as text. Also, ensure that the cells follow the correct. Why do b2 & b3 don't work.

The ssn’s in the lookup range are also stored as text. You should be want to know some of the common reasons why you are getting those vlookup errors, such as: I understand the basic use of the vlookup with wildcard but i'm running into a problem lately.

I cannot get the vlookup to work for the text records. Since vlookup searches for an exact match, it will not find the matching cell if the data has spaces at the front or end of the value. There could be some reasons why vlookup returns this error.

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When the range_lookup argument is false—and vlookup is unable to find an exact match in your data—it returns the #n/a error. In the below sample i look up cola in the colc, with should be found, then return the values in col d into col b. Why doesn’t vlookup find a match with ssn stored as text?

There's probably data inconsistency within both the lookup values col and in the ref col (some text nums, some real nums) try this index/match which swings it all to text matching, press normal enter to confirm: The approximate match returns the next largest value that is less than your specific lookup value. Vlookup looks for a cell that matches in the entire cell.

If match_type is 0 and lookup_value is text, the wildcard characters question mark (?) and asterisk (*) can be used in. That's why you're using the approximate match setting to start with. To remedy this, make sure the spaces are removed from the cells in the column.

You should beware though, as excel will assign an argument for you by default which in most cases leads to excel vlookup not working. Unless you know what you are up to, you should always use false (which means exact match) as your fourth vlookup argument. When you can see values that appear to match, a good way to start troubleshooting is to see if excel sees the values as equal to one another.

Whenever i encounter a vlookup or match function failing, my first impulse is that one cell has trailing spaces. The most common reason this happens though is due to leading or trailing spaces. Since the values in the lookup table are text, there is a data type mismatch.

Because this is entered as an index number, it is not very durable. I use =vlookup(*&a1&*,c$1:d$2,2,0), and it only works for b1. The field is formatted as “general” and i copied and saved “numbers as text”.

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To avoid this error, always make sure that you use consistent data types for your lookup_value and the first column of your lookup table. A zero formatted as a date returns 01/01/1900 as this is the starting date used by excel. Extra spaces in lookup value.

The quick way to test is to select cell a2 and press the f2 key to put the cell in edit mode.

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